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The makings of a good contractor.

Your builder should be a licensed contractor. Banks will require proof of this license before loaning money.

Builders are required to have general liability and workman's comp insurance in order to build a home. Your bank will require it.

Trustworthy. You are about to embark on an average six to nine month-long relationship with your contractor (depending on the size of project and the weather). You must have a high level of trust right from the start. Check references.

Strong project management skills. The single most important part of ensuring that your new home will be built on time and on budget rests on your contractor's ability to effectively manage the project. Strong subcontractor and supply vendor relationships will ultimately save you money and time. A contractor will have these relationships already established - you won't.

Responsible. It is a given, that the contractor assumes the responsibility of securing permits, making sure that all subcontractors are insured, and guarantees his work.

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