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The Design Process:

"Prior to the initial meeting, begin gathering photos of homes you like. Gather both interior and exterior shots. Clip images from magazines which reflect the styles you most appreciate. This helps interpret your likes and dislikes and allows me to capture your taste in your new home design."~ Markus

The architectural process generally requires between two and six months to complete, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Site Evaluation
A survey of the site, including topographical information is necessary during conceptual planning. Markus will visit the site initially to determine the optimum orientation of the house with consideration to existing trees, views, natural light and subdivision rules and regulations.

Design Development
During an initial meeting, Markus will lead you through a conversation, gathering information about your lifestyle, your needs and your personal style. A general discussion on budget and timeframe will also ensue. At the second meeting, a preliminary floor plan and front elevation will be presented for discussion. The creative process requires several collaborative meetings. The final plans include, but are not limited to, floor plans, elevations, roof/site plan, electrical layout, sections and detail specifications. These plans are created using Autocad software and third-party applications.

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