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The Advantage of Hiring a Design/Build Contractor
(as opposed to anyone else)

"A working knowledge of current construction can help prevent a client from having to retrofit a beautiful and perfect design due to future budget overruns." ~ Markus

There is a real advantage to clients who utilize the combined services of a design/build contractor.

No one will be more familiar with your design than the designer. This means that during construction there will be less risk that design elements will be misinterpreted or that necessary materials will not be available causing delays or changes.

Design/build contractors can provide immediate feedback as to how design decisions and material selections may affect cost, thereby preventing the redesign of a beautiful home due to projected budget overruns should a plan be "over-designed " for a budget.

For the client, the consistency of working with one firm from start to finish provides a greater continuity of service. The relationship developed during the design process carries over into the construction phase, thus making the client a participant in the construction of their new home and an important member of the design/build team.

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