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When building a new home, few people realize just how complicated it can be until they find themselves lost in a maze of design options, building codes and an endless array of product and material selections. Markus simplifies this process by guiding the client each step of the way from concept to move in. He seeks to create a collaborative environment that welcomes client participation. This approach helps to ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget.

Once construction begins, Markus is on site daily directing subcontractors to ensure expediant scheduling as well as to oversee that technical complexities of the design are executed properly. Markus limits the number of homes that he builds at any given time, in order to give as much personal attention to each project as possible.

Each home is built in adherence to guidelines set by the Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI).

A copy of the NewHome Warranty Act will be supplied to you upon completion of your new home. This act details a contractor's responsibility for any covered structural defect up to five years after completed construction. ( A copy of the Home Warranty Act can also be picked up at Acadiana Home Builders Association office.)

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